Our Primary Purpose

We offer a team approach as an effective method of helping clients with a wide variety of needs as they navigate the complex world of insurance.

Our History

The Insurance Pad, LLC is an independent, personal lines insurance agency serving clients who need auto, home, renters, motorcycle, pet, boat, RV and ATV insurance. We live by the Golden Rule: We treat others how we want to be treated. That mantra has helped us build relationships since 1964 when our founder, Alan Kogan started the American Auto Insurance agency to help auto salesmen deliver vehicles. Long known as the go-to insurance agency for car dealerships, Mr. Kogan developed American Auto Insurance into a thriving business serving people across Ohio who needed fast, reliable, affordable car insurance.

In 2018, 30-year employee of American Auto Insurance, Kim Rankin, purchased the business after Mr. Kogan passed away. She changed the name to The Insurance Pad, LLC to reflect the agency’s now full-service offerings of personal line products including homeowners, renters, motorcycle, pet, boat, RV and ATV insurance. Today, The Insurance Pad, LLC helps people from all walks of life across Ohio protect their assets and their lifestyles. The company’s protection coaches are sought after for their reputation as good listeners who take the time to understand customer needs and then recommend solutions that offer the highest-value protection for lasting peace-of-mind.

Our Mission

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